Thursday, February 3, 2011

My meadow

As written yesterday, I want to have a kitchen garden, a herb garden and I want to grow my own fruit orchard. But nothing is in my meadow yet.
At this moment I only have 800 square meters of grasses. The plan is that in March everything will be levelled and new grass (only one kind) is sown. That is if the weather is good.
My previous plan was to sow the grass in August 2010. But we got rain, a lot of rain in August and also in September. So we prosponed it. That had as a consequence that my orchard is not yet realized. Fruittrees can be planted before the first of April, so I hope that this time the raingods will close there gates.  

Is there something to write until that moment? 
Enough from my believe. I want to share my plans with you as a drawing. And write the plan out on the blog (It's a plan, the weather gods are still ruling).
And I've started to cultivate. Partial because of the finances, if I have to buy every plant at a nursery I can file for bankruptcy. And it's a challenge to sow and grow my plants. There will be enough to write about. About what goes wrong, but off course also what works for me.
And as a starter for this blog, I post a picture of my meadow.

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