Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crocus, spring has arrived

 Finally, spring has arrived in the Netherlands. And my bulbs have sprouted. A full load of crocusses are here. Aren't they beautiful?
At this time they are standing in my own garden. In the future the fruit yard is going to be their destination.
But that hadn't had it's new grass deck yet. But fortunately I got good news today. Next week seeding will start. Yes, finally (I'm after all waiting since september 2010, when the rain was spoiling my plans).

Also I've got a whole bunce of seedlings in my house, that are growing
nicely. I post pictures in the coming weeks. My husband says it takes a lot of gymnastics to move through our house lately, with all the seedlings growing for every window and our hall.

But after the 12th of May they will move outwards, to our back yard for my flower garden and to my herb garden.
In October the bulbs on the picture will also move to there final destination.

So there is a lot to do in the couple of weeks (read: months). But it is a real challenge and I'm ready for it.

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