Thursday, April 7, 2011

Everything seems to grow

April has arrived and all plants are starting to grow. Last week I had to seek my strawberry plants, today there are already a few leaves above ground. My bulbs are thriving. The crocusses are not there any more, but the tulips, narcisses and the daffodil flowers are blooming in full colours. That gives a full border.
As I'm looking at my practice border (because of the grass problem) of 2 times 3 metres I come to the conclusion that these borders are finished. They have  a good flower density, that I like. But my future border is 2 times 25 metres. There can be no other conclusion that there's going to be a lot more bulbs in the ground next fall (otherwise I've to seek my flowers).
A real beauty is my nectarine tree, with it's pink blossom. It's got a lot of blossom, so that's promising. Because bees aren't realy active around here in April I have used my little brush. In that way the tree will be pollinated well (I hope). I've brushed already every flower, so let's hope for a good yield this summer!

In my strawberry plant assortment I only got one at this moment: Fragaria 'Mara des Bois'. 
I've also seeded wild strawberries last week which fruit, when ripened, are a white color instead of red. These will be planted between my bulbs.
Other strawberry plants will be planted this year on a temporary spot: Fragaria Elsanta, Fragaria Korona, Fragaria Lambada, Fragaria Polka and Fragaria Honeoye, which will give me strawberries throughout the season.
Maybe you're questioning why buy strawberries this year when the yard is planned for next year? That's a good question, but it is a fact that strawberry plant have the best yield in the second year. Beside of that I hope that the strawberry plant will form offspring, so I've got more plants for next summer.
The wild strawberries, offcourse, will get there final place this year, because the fruittrees are planned for this year.

As you can read there is a lot going on in my garden and I'm enjoying, also because of the beautiful weather around here, fully.

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