Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My meadow, update

Finally after a long period of rain in august and september, march is finally dry enough to sow my grass. That's the first step in creating my fruityard, herb garden and vegetable plot.

Our soil is mainly clay so first off all the soil is ploughed. And now it's drying in the sun. You'll see clumbs in the picture. After a few days drying, the assumpion is that the clay can be ploughed finer so the grass will be neater.

Than the sowing can start. After probably 8 weeks a straight grass meadow is created. In the meantime the fruittrees and the herb garden will be created. The fruittrees got to be in full ground before the start of may. The herb garden will not make any use of the grass, so both will start. Pictures of that will be blogged as soon as I'm busy. But work has been started and I'm thrilled.

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