Friday, September 23, 2011

Cutting garden in the summer / update herb garden

Everything is growing and blooming in my cutting garden. Every day I'm discovering new flowers. Impressive that they become that big in one summer from seedlings. Too bad the flowering season is almost to it's end. And because of the bad weather in the last couple of weeks, I didn't spend enough time in my garden. But the sun is shining and I'm back!!! Weeds are dissappearing rather fast when I'm going through my garden with my rake.
I've planned that the herb garden was fully incorporated in my meadow by now. That's a goal I didn't achieve on time.
But that project is going into a new fase. Yesterday, my father-in-law was busy cutting and sawing the wood to make the raised beds for the herbs. Now I'm going to paint the wood to preserve it and then they're going to be filled with sand and compost. The herbs that I've already cultivated are going to be planted in the beds. Then I can check what is missing. I hope that project is done by the end of next week (and I'm going to make enough pictures to get you an idea of how it's going to be).
My own father is making a chicken coop in the meantime (do I have a skilfull family).
Than my childeren and I can collect our own fresh eggs. That's not a job I can ask my husband because he doesn't like chickens. He thinks chicken do attack him on purpose. Hopefully that project is finished in winter.
Now I'm going to enjoy my weekend with my own flowering spot. Tomorrow I'm going to paint.

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