Sunday, October 16, 2011

My meadow

 As written before, I'm fully occupied by the plans of my meadow. My fruit trees were planted last april. My compostbins are fully operated since May. And then my plans were on hold for a little while. The design part that is. I was too busy with so much. I did grow a lot of herbs that should have been in the herbgarden in May, but they didn't. As you can see on the photo's, I've put them in a temporary bed, where the vegetable garden will be, so the work is not thrown away. The first photo shows part of the fruit trees. At the end there are two containers. One with roses, for rosebuds and the other contains cranberry plants. At the end of the containers, I've planted raspberry bushes.
Left (the big wooden box) are three compost bins. The second photo shows the surroundings of the herb garden. As you can see, the slope of the meadow is too big. Later this month, there will be two big containers behind the herb garden. Then the ground will be leveled. The herb containers will be placed on them and split will be put between the containers. The two containers that are placed behind the herb garden will contain several kinds of roses. In the herb containers there will be.... herbs of course, but because it becomes rather late in season, this project will be suspended until 2012 (but everything else will be finished).
The roses however will be planted around november, because it's the best time for planting them.
There will be two big containers placed between the fruittrees and the future vegetable garden. The plan is to place them later this month. In this two containers there will be fruit bushes. Most of them will have to be planted somewhere in November, so that's a job later this year.

What about the rest of the plans? The chicken coop is going to be made in winter. So the chicken can get in, in spring. It will be placed at the right at the back of my meadow.

The containers of the vegetable garden (which as you can see, already got two of the containers) will also be made in winter. There will be 12, including a cold frame.
Then I want a glass house. I don't quite know for sure when that is coming. It's a big project, so I have to save sometimes for the big projects. There will be a path between the fruittrees. On the left and right site of that path there will be lavender bushes and a lot of bulbs for spring.
And the herbgarden will be initially surrounded at the left and right side with wood, but in the near future that will become a wall. And before I forgot, at the end of the meadow there will be fruitespaliers. I guess thats something for next year (can't do everything right now).
The picture below gives an idea of a small part of the meadow, under construction but started.

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