Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update of my meadow (2)


I promised to  blog two weeks ago for an update on my meadow. But the weather was not that nice and it was more work than was expected, so you can guess it took a little bit longer. But as the saying is, good work takes time. The herb garden is finished. Without the planting though.

First there was a tractor which ploughed the grass we had sowed in spring.
Then there were at least three trucks full of sand to heighten the herb garden. When we looked a few weeks ago we estimated that the height of the sand would be one board high to level everything out. We made the containers for the roses (they will be placed on the end of the herb garden) two boards high.
We weren't quite right. The height difference from the beginning of the meadow untill the end of the herb garden is two boards (about 50 cm, 20 inch).  That became a lot of sand. Then the sand had to be leveled, as seen on photo 2. And we placed a canvas to keep the weed out of the gravel. We've measured out where the containers should be placed and filled them with sand. At last we put the gravel in. The gravel looks a bit yellow, but that's the mudlayer on the gravel. After a big rain shower the definite color will be seen.
For the last picture I placed the pergola. But it's got to have it's definite place in the future. It will be placed a lot higher, as you can guess after reading this. Stairs will be made to go to the kitchen garden. In the big containers and on the pergola, roses will be planted. I hope they will come soon. The firm said the roses would be delivered this week, but I haven't gotten them yet.

The herbs can't be planted yet, because of the mild frost we are already experiencing. The plants are already there in the two containers in the back of the second photo so in the early spring the transplant will be done. When I moved them in this season the roots wouldn't be strong enough to live through the frost and all my work would been gone away. I don't want that off course.

The wood for the other containers and the chicken coop has just been delivered. Wow, the timing is really great.

I am certainly very glad with the end result for this week:


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Very nice. I am sure you are going to be very happy with it when its all ready to go.


tastymayhem said...

so much work, but I'm sure there are going to be great results. Can't wait until spring and summer to see what you grow!