Thursday, December 8, 2011

FFwD: Chard-stuffed pork roast


This was supposed to be chard-stuffed pork roast, but it didn't. Chard was not available in my store. So I stood in front of the vegetables and thought about it. I wanted to make this pork roast what other vegetable could I use? And then my eye saw the fresh spinach. Not quite the same, but I thought it was a pretty good substitute. And the result. We loved it. We truly did. Not even the parents, but also our childeren. I've made four roast so we all had our own.
And not only did it taste good. It didn't took much work either.
In about 15 minutes everything was in the oven to bake.
My baking time was a bit longer than was said in Dorie's recipe, about 10 minutes more, but it was moist and tender.
We ate it with mashed potatoes and white beans in tomatosauce.
I didn't make the last one myself, but I've seen on our cooking channel (yes I'm a little addicted to that one) how I can make it. That certainly will become a project of mine.
Hopefully with my own tomatoes from my own garden.
My garden is going well. The roses are planted and so are all the fruitbushes that should have been planted. But I've got no pictures because the weather around here is so  bad.
When the rain is over and the sun is shiny I will give it a shot.
Not that you will see quite a lot, because the roses are just above the ground.
I can't wait until they bloom.

We aren't supposed to give the recipe, but a similar recipe (with kale instead of chard) can be found at:

If you want to see what others made of this recipe, you can go to:

Have a nice weekend and a picture of the end result:


Cakelaw said...

It looks great! I loved this one, much to my surprise. I used spinach too.

Ei said...

Nice job! Mine was disappointing, but I want to give it another shot at some point.

Cher said...

Spinach was a good substitute on the chard.
We enjoyed this one far more than I thought we would (whew).
Have a great weekend.

Marie said...

Yours looks very pretty--it's nice to know that spinach is a good substitute. I found chard, but it's not available every day.

Kris' Kitchen said...

I also used spinach...we loved it. This is such a pretty and tasty way to make pork roast a very special dish.

oneexpatslife said...

Your pork looks great, happy to hear that you were able to find a good chard substitute. That white beans in tomato sauce side sounds delicious too.

December has been much too rainy around here, to the point that I wish it would just get a little colder and turn to snow. I would rather have snow than cold rain any day of the week.

Adriana said...

The spinach looks so fresh and pretty. Can't wait to see your bushes fill up in spring!

Trix said...

I can definitely see that spinach would be a good substitute!

amanda @ fake ginger said...

We loved this one too! My husband actually thought the chard was spinach so I guess they're pretty similar. Looks delicious!

Elaine said...

Your roast looks beautiful. What a great idea to make individual roasts and the baker's twine makes it look so festive. I think the spinach was a great substitution for the chard and will have to try that some time.

acookingmizer said...

your roast still looks great! I bet the spinach tasted good either way! I have some other ideas on stuffings to try also.

sanyaliving.com said...

Your roast looks absolutely perfect!
We really enjoyed this recipe as well, the kids loved it as much as the adults! Your garden sounds wonderful!

KarenP said...

Your pork roast looks beautiful!