Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tuesdays with dorie: truffle tartlets


Wow, not another word can come from my mouth. This was really, really good. Gratefully it was small, but well filling, but the different chocolates and the cookies were great. I made six of them, one supposed to be for my husband, but you can guess it, it was gone before he came home.
It came through my mind though, should I make a lot of these. Probably not in this form, but as a birthday cake and then as one cake, it would definitely fit in, especially in winter.
It's rich and really tasteful also when it's a little bit warm.

The only downside of this recipe? It contains a lot, I mean a real lot of calories. But a real treat for the young and old ones (I've tried them all), so if you want to make something special: try this one out.

There are two new recipes chosen for the next month: rugelach and Irish soda bread. Last one I made a few times but the first ones keeps me guessing. You will see it come by next month.


Cher Rockwell said...

This was very sweet indeed. Yours look like they came out really well.
I am a little stressed about next months rugelach - haven't made them since making them for my nieces wedding a couple of years ago. After making several hundred cookies, I haven't been able to repeat any of the recipes from that event.

yummychunklet said...

This is true. Tons of calories in this tartlet, but thankfully, I only made two or else I'd have real problems! Yours looks great!

Elaine said...

The calories are so worth it with this dessert. Your tartlets look lovely. I am also looking forward to next month's recipes.

Cathy said...

I love the photo of your finished product!

iluvsweets said...

Great photo and presentation. Your tarts look great. You're right, these were definitely "high test", but you gotta have a treat once in a while. I made the 10" and we each had a small sliver.

Guyla said...

You're right it is a LOT of calories. This is one of those times where its worth it though!