Friday, April 13, 2012

FFwD: Sardine Rilette


After a few weeks of low blogging I'm back (at least I hope I am). It has been a crazy couple of weeks with a lot of things going on, but I'm hoping that I'm back on track.

This Friday on the program is a Sardine Rilette. Nice for my Omega-3 intake, so I took my fishing rod and went on Sardine hunt (Not really, I just went to the groceries and bought two cans, sardines don't live in my neighborhood.)
It was a very easy recipe to. In the recipe was written that I had to use quite a lot of lemon.
I didn't do that. I squeezed a little bit of lemon juice and tasted it and for me that was quite enough.

I liked the taste of the rilette. I ate it for lunch on my sandwich and got a little bit for tomorrow.
My children didn't even try, so I've got their share to.
I think it's something different to give on a party with a cracker to serve it on. It certainly is approved.

I'm curious if the rest of the group liked it, you can see the others on: www.frenchfridayswithdorie.com.

Have a nice weekend and yes, I followed Dories instructions for serving.


Cher Rockwell said...

Lovely pictures :-) Glad to see you back!

I am afraid I shall never be a member of "team sardine" & I am also glad that sardines don't live in your neighborhood :-)

yummychunklet said...

I like your mini-gherkin garnish on top!

Trevor Sis Boom said...

This looks wonderful! I adore sardines and this will be made quite a lot during the summer picnic season so I can serve it just as you have here.

Anonymous said...

your photos make it look delicious! :) Love the cornichons on top!

Alice @ http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com

Christy said...

Exquisite photos - glad you enjoyed this one! I'm with Cher and not on team sardine!

Adriana said...

The cournichons look cute. I also made a sandwich with my leftovers!

Rose said...

Nice to ''see'' you again and happy to hear that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this recipe. I have to say that I thought adding lime to this dish sounded a bit odd to me, but then in the end I really liked the fresh taste it gave the dish. It worked for me.

Betsy said...

Yes, it's nice to see you on board this week. I enjoyed this one too. I've seldom met a fish I didn't like.

Teresa said...

Lovely photos!

We enjoyed this recipe, too, and I agree that cornichons were just right on the side.

Mary Hirsch said...

I loved that last picture - the lemon bits attached to the wooden juicer. This wasn't my favorite recipe so I turned the page and went with the Rillettes de Thon. Happy with Rillettes. Not thrilled with the taste of sardines. (Nor was anyone in my neighborhood!). On to next week. Glad you back in blogging form. Mary

Kathleen said...

Kids are so smart when it comes to food sometimes, they know when to leave it alone! Glad you enjoyed it enough to eat it twice.