Friday, July 27, 2012

French fridays with Dorie: Lemon Barley pilaf


Sometimes you don't blog for a couple of weeks and so twice a day. That is a possibility when the publication dates of the Daring kitchen and French Fridays with Dorie are on the same day. Today the recipe is Lemon Barley Pilaf. And this was a challenge. Barley is not very common in the Netherlands. In fact I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I choose Bulgur instead of Barley, something I didn't try as well before this Friday.

And the recipe was very good. The weather was warm and that's a great addition to this summer recipe. It got lemon, pepper and fish in it.
I found it really great that every ingredient (except the Bulgur) was available in my own meadow. That feels great and tastes great either.

For warm days a great recipe to make (and I did like the Bulgur).

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to make extra recipes from French Fridays with Dorie. I missed quite a lot (and started to late) and the intention is to make the whole book, so that's what I'm trying to achieve. I will cook what's in season however, because that's my goal.

If you want to know what the other Doristas made of it, you can read it on:

And for the end result:


Cher Rockwell said...

It looks beautiful and happy next to the salad :-)
I had to pass on this month's Daring Bakers - which makes me sad, it's the first one I've missed since I started.

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes said...

I love bulgur, and it looks good with the fish and salad. Will have to try it!

Trevor Sis Boom said...

I had to do a catch up post this week as these things are easy to get away from you. I love bulgur and I think this is probably better with it..not that you mention it!

Frankly Entertaining said...

Looks beautiful. We're actually headed to your area of the world soon. Anything we need to see?

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Gorgeous photo - looks wonderful! :)

Rose said...

I love bulgur and cook with it quite often. I was actually thinking that this dish would be great with bulgur, and I might actually try that next time because it takes less time to cook. But I did enjoy this with the barley.

Happy to hear that you too are getting some of this fabulous summer weather.

acookingmizer said...

how neat that you used bulgar wheat! :) love that everything else you found in your meadow! great job!

yummychunklet said...

Great use of the bulgar wheat!

Nana said...

I have never tried bulgur, but yours looks fantastic.
Lovely presentation.

Mary Hirsch said...

Bulgar. I have never tried that (well, I'd never tried barley before except to throw it into some soup). You plate looks delicious - live those little cucumbers peeking out. The fish, yummy.