Sunday, January 27, 2013

TWD: french apple Tart

O gee. It's not a tuesday anymore. Guilty. I've been away from home a couple of days and forgotten to put this post in my blog list. And then it's a Sunday.
But I made the recipe so I thought I'm going to post it anyway. The recipe was good. The dough wasn't sweet and was filled with apple puree. In Holland we've got a tart that also got this puree which is called a appelflap. On top there was a nice circle of granny smith apples in a layer. A bit of butter was smeared on top and the tart was placed in the oven until the apples were ready and on the sides nice brown.

Was it the nicest apple tart I've ever tasted? No, but it is very nice though.  There are better Dutch apple pies. My husband had the same opinion. But that was no problem: we ate it anyway until the last crumb.

Now I'm going further with the preparation of a high tea workshop. Tomorrow a couple of ladies will make there own sweets, scones and sandwiches and eat it all while drinking tea.

My tea I've got from Bloesem Teahouse from Herpen, a village about 10 km from here. People who've got disabilities or want to learn for a career are working and learning in the Teahouse. 
A social and local tea. And very nice also, I can tell from my own experience!

When I think about it: it would be a great tea to go along with this tart.

When you want to make the tart, you can find the recipe on the site of our host:


Cher Rockwell said...

I am sure a lovely apple tart and a cuppa would be a perfect pairing. The workshop sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

At least you made it! Looks great!

Cathleen said...

Such a lovely tart!