Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shortbread the luxe

Last Friday my son and I were watching a 24 kitchen program called: Rudolphs bakery. In this episode Rudolph made shortbread the luxe.
My son, the one who likes to eat what I'm cooking but not the cooking itself, raised up and said: we have to make this one, and I'm helping!
That was an offer I couldn't refuse. So we made the recipe. It had a lot of waiting time. First we made Dulce de leche of condensed milk. Than we made shortbread with walnuts (the official recipe asked for peanuts, but with my allergy that is not a great option).
We topped the shortbread with the dulce the leche and put it in the refregerator and waited for a few hours.
Then we melted two sorts of chocolate. The first one consisted of Pure and milk chocolate and the second one was made of white chocolate.
The pure/milk chocolate was spread out over the dulce the leche. Then we took a spoon and made a few drops of white chocolate on top of the brown choclate. We took a stick and curved the white chocolate through the dark one to create a great pattern.

And then we waited again, and I can tell you this one was the worst waiting, because it looked so great.

But after a few hours we cut it up and tasted it: Yummie. This recipe didn't only look great on television, it tasted and smelled great in real life to.

I put a link in this post so you can read and see the recipe on 24 kitchen (only in Dutch, I'm sorry):
shortbread de luxe,

And this was our result (with a proud son):
Shortbread de luxe with a proud Marc

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yummychunklet said...

Your shortbread looks fantastic. Congrats!