Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesdays with Dorie: Eastern mediterranean Pizzas

Today a new recipe from the book Baking with Julia" Eastern Mediterranean pizza. Perhaps you saw the prepreparation earlier this week on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/4pure) and though what's that going to be : tadadada: it's a Eastern mediterranean Pizza.
It's a lovely recipe with quite unusual ingredients in our pizza.
We began with a whole wheat pita bread as our pizza bottom. Then we added a tomato sauce, with eastern herbs like Cinnamon and Allspice and minced lamb meat (but I've have to be honest, I couldn't get the minced lamb meat, so I took beef). And we topped everything with pine nuts.

And what did we think of it?
The pita breads were very crunchy (and as you can see on the picture they are whole wheat). The sauce could have been a little bit more spicier. Therefor we added rocket lettuce (which is also very healthy (good for us)) from my own meadow.
I liked it very much that way.
My husband thought it tasted better with the rocket lettuce, but missed the cheese in the recipe (he can't imagine a pizza without the cheese).

Overall we thought it was really nice and the pita breads were a hit.

And for the end result:

4Pure: Eastern Mediterranean pizzas


Sweet and That's it said...

What a great idea to put rocket lettuce: your pizzas looks lovely and healthy.
Before making it I thought I was not going to like it (I am not used to Eastern Mediterranean cooking - yet!), but it was a winner in our family. However I did spice it up, too.

Cathleen said...

I love rocket, and it looks so very lovely atop your perfect looking pizza.

saucygander said...

I agree, rockets are a great idea!

4pure said...

Yes, I read on the other posts it needed a more spice. The rocket did seem to do the thrick, but I would taste it next time, to pimp it up before it goes on the pizza.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

I missed the cheese, too, so I added some feta. the rocket looks pretty!

4pure said...

Thank you Steph!

Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Your pizza looks great and so nice with the rocket on top. I added feta to a batch of my pizza.

Cher Rockwell said...

The arugula was a nice touch - lovely job!

yummychunklet said...

I missed out on these but yours look great!

Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Your Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas with the additional topping of arugula look quite tasty - adding a bit of "greens" to these was a very delicious touch, I agree!