Monday, September 30, 2013

Twd: X cookies

Yes tuesday again and today we made X cookies. It's based on an old Italian favorite (the original recipe came from Sicily) and it's quite a bit adapted to this cookie.

It contains almost no sugar in the cookie itself, only a little bit in the dough. That's because of the sweet filling. The filling contains figs, candied orange peel, apricots, almonds, cinnamon and dark rum.
That combination means it only can be very tasty.

Though it seems like a difficult recipe when I looked at the picture, it's quite easy though. You can make the cookies, if you've got all the ingredients in about 1 hour at most.

And then the taste. After you bake them you sprinkle powdered sugar on top. The powdered sugar melt at your tongue when you bite. Then it gets a crispy bite and the sweetness of the fig melange.

Yes this was a really nice cookie. I think this would be great during Christmas with all those flavours and I probably going to make it around that time again.

The recipe is on page 318 in the book Baking with Julia from Dorie Greenspan. If you would like to know what the others made of it you can take a look at:

4Pure: Tuesdays with Dorie X cookies


Cathleen said...

Your cookies look lovely. I did not care for them much (I really was hoping too!), at least the boys at the shop did, so they did not go to waste. :)

smarkies said...

I thought that they tasted like Christmas too. Did not sprinkle mine with sugar so that left them a little plainer.

4pure said...

@cahtleen, good you find another person who liked it, I don't want food to go to waste either. @smarkies are you going to try them with sugar or are they all gone by now?

Cher Rockwell said...

So pretty! Beautiful job

And now, I just realized that I forgot to use the powdered sugar.

saucygander said...

Gorgeous photo! We liked these so much I'm thinking about making them for Christmas. :-)

Nicole L. said...

Yours look great! I enjoyed making these.

4pure said...

@cher Perhaps you can add it (or are they all gone by now). Thanks saucygander and Nicole L. they are indeed great for christmas.

SandraM said...

They look so nice with the powdered sugar. (that's what I forgot!!) They were easy cookies...though time consuming. I really liked them and will make them again.

Jora said...

I am so impressed that you made this in an hour! It took me several. I am very slow in the kitchen...I'm glad you enjoyed this one!