Thursday, October 17, 2013

4Pure4kids: chocoroll

Starting from today I'm going to present to you a new series on Thursday called: 4Pure4kids. Why? Because children love to cook. And they learn a lot from it to. And as a positive point for me, they choose recipes that I normally won't and so I've get inspired by them.
So I told my boys to look for recipes and it was real fun to see them taking care of there task. Oldest one reads all the recipes and the youngest is looking at all the pictures!

This recipe is chosen by my eldest and he thought this was a great recipe to start with: the chocoroll. He found it in a book from a supermarket around here: the Albert Heijn called toffe toetjes (super desserts).
We adapted the recipe a little.
Because I'm a chocoholic I thought the idea of a chocoroll sounded great. And for the end result it was a bright and colourful dessert and my son was really proud of his work.
So if you want to make a nice dessert for kids by kids: this is a nice one.


  • 100 gram flour;
  • pinch salt;
  • 2 dl milk;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon butter;
  • 100 gram white choco paste;
  • 3 cans of M&Ms;
  • 100 grams Nutella.
Put the flour in a bowl and add the salt. Mix it together. Add the milk and take a whisk and mix very well, so you don't get lumps. Add the eggs, one at a time and continue to mix.
Put a little bit of butter in a frying pan and when it's melted add 1/6 of the batter. Immediately start to turn your pan, so the batter evens around the bottom of the pan. Repeat this and make 6 crepes.
Now for the composition. Lay down 3 crepes, where you put the next crepe on the first one by 1/3 and the third crepe on the second one (also about 1/3 overlay).
Spoon the white chocolate paste on top and smear it on the crepes. Scatter the M&Ms on top of the white chocolate paste. Put the next 3 crepes, the same way as the first three, on top of the M&M's. Smear the top of the crepes with Nutella. Roll the crepes and cut into six pieces. 

4Pure: chocoroll with Marc


yummychunklet said...

This looks delicious and creative!

4pure said...

Thank you Yummychuncklet!