Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In the meadow: apple and pear harvest

At 4Pure, we got a great meadow with a few fruit trees. Among them are six apple varieties and one pear (a conference). Ofcourse there is a harvest in fall.
Because the weather is sunny and the apples and pears are ripe, last week we started the harvest of all of them.
My little one helped me a lot with that. He picked a few baskets of apples and pears. And afterwards he tasted them. The Granny Smith is his favourite.

The apples which had a small spot on them were used in the applesauce and apple jelly. That way we catched summer in a jar.

I've pulled the weeds around the trees and they are now ready for winter.
And our family can eat apples and pears untill the soft fruit is ready in spring.

And offcourse the little one posed for a picture!

4Pure: apple harvest

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Cakelaw said...

What a gorgeous photo! And how fun to harvest your own apples.