Friday, November 1, 2013

Italian salad

Last evening I had an cooking class which had an Italian theme. Super fun and my clients made there own pasta. And they said: nice, very nice. Much better then the dried pasta from the supermarket. Part of the reason it tastes better is that fresh, homemade pasta contains eggs and flour instead of water and flour. The eggs make the pasta silky.
For the main dish we always serve a salad as a side dish. And today I'm going to share the sidedish from last night with you. To make it easy to serve the salad (and make it possible that everyone gets a piece of pancetta and melon), we serve it in small glasses.

- rocket salad;
- pancetta,  1 piece per person;
- melon (it doesn't matter which one as long if it's sweet. I used a galia melon);
- 1 table spoon creme de balsamico;
- 4 tablespoons olive oil, extra vierge (the best you can get);
- salt and pepper (at taste);
- garnish: borage flowers (intens color and they taste really sweet).

Wash the rocket salad and dry it. Cut the pancetta in small pieces. Slice the melon in thin pieces. Arrange the rocket salad, the pancetta and melon in a glass. Whisk the creme de balsamico and the olive oil. Poor it over the salad. Garnish with borage and serve immediately.

4Pure: Italian salad

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