Friday, June 8, 2012

Ffwd: olive oil ice cream


Today is a very special day for me. For the first time I blog on my new and improved site (http://www.4pure.nl/page2/index.php?id=1813789023529597973). Not only that, I've started my own business in providing cooking evenings, combined with picking the vegetables, herbs and fruit fresh in my meadow. And it cost a lot of work to make the website and to get my meadow in the perfect state. But I'm almost there. And I'm excited. And I hope you enjoy the new layout.

As for today, it's friday and we are making with our group French Fridays with Dorie Olive oil ice cream. And I know, it sounds crazy. It sounds not like a great dessert. I like olive oil on my salad or to bake, but in my ice cream, I wasn't quite sure about that. But if you're going to join a group you make the recipe. And the result.... it's delicious. The olive oil gives a real nice touch to the ice cream. Never would have guest that upon tasting it. So thank you Dorie for sharing that great recipe.

If you want to know what the other cooks thought of this icecream, you can look at:

And here the final result, does look like it's summer isn't it: