Friday, September 14, 2012

Daring cooks: paella

Our Daring Cooks’ September 2012 hostess was Inma of la Galletika. Inma brought us a taste of Spain and challenged us to make our very own delicious Paella!

Lately I've given a lot of cooking classes. Also the meadow got a lot of productivity. And you can see that in the ratio I'm blogging. Lately none. Sorry. I would like to promise it is going to be better the next  couple of weeks, but that probably is a promise I can't keep. 

For this week I've planned two posts: this paella and a great recipe from Dorie Greenspan with pears.

Let's start with the paella. Inma challenged us to make a great paella. We've been on vacation to Spain this year and the memories of a great and beautiful paella come to mind. So a great paella recipe is a plus. I didn't use a paellera because I haven't got one, but the result in my own pan was great. Naturally the homegrown beans, peas and pepper also made a difference.
Surely a recipe when you want to get the vacation feeling back. 

For the recipe:

- 500 gram shrimp, cleaned and deveined;
- 250 gram pork lion, diced;
- 500 mL chicken stock;
- 500 mL fish stock;
- 500 gram chicken breast, diced;
- 500 gram pre-boiled long grain rice;
- 3 saffron threads;
- 4 garlic cloves;
- 2 sprigs of parsley;
- 170 gram crushed tomatoes;
- 125 gram greens beans;
- 125 gram peas;
- lemon;
- 1/2 red pepper, cut into stripes.

Dice two garlic cloves. Heat in the pan the olive oil, add the diced garlic cloves and remove. Add shrimp, sauté and when it turns pink remove it and set apart. Fry the chicken and the pork. Add pepper to the chicken and pork, sauté. Add salt to taste. Add crushed tomatoes and the chicken stock. Boil for 30 minutes. Add the fish stock and the green beans. Make the "la picada". In a grinder crush the two garlic cloves, parsley and saffron. Add a little bit of the paella's broth. Pour it into the paella. Spread the rice through the pan and add the peas. The paella must  continue boiling until the rice is dry. Add some lemon drops and the shrimp. Wait until the broth is consumed. Turn off the heat and cover with come clean cloth towels. Let rest for 15 minutes.