Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photoshoot zondermeer magazine


Last January I had a photo shoot for a new magazine in the Netherlands: ZonderMeer magazine. The magazine is quite special because it is made for people who got a food allergy or food intolerance.
For me that's quite an issue with a peanut allergy, so I find it a great initiative.

The magazine is in the shops for about two weeks right now and there's also a folder from a big supermarket in the Netherlands, which used the cupcake photo above.

So I'm really excited about that.

But one of the photo's I'm most proud of is the photo below.
I've also got a few easter photos who are also gorgeous. And enough recipes to get me through easter holidays.

Now I'm getting back into my garden. See you around.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie / my meadow

My meadow, as you can see my kitchen garden is coming into place. We've been working hard on that one the last couple of weeks. We've moved hundreds of wheelbarrows of sand, we've carpenter the containers and painted them. I've pruned my roses, fruit bushes and fruit trees. Planted the vegetables which have to get in the ground in March. We made a fixed cold frame, to extend the season and placed moveable cold frames to get early strawberries.
Not alone, no my whole family is helping, including my three year old. And it looks great, though it isn't finished yet. Between the containers we are going to make paths of gravel. And then the big bunch of work is finished. Yes, I want a glass house, heated by the sun. I want a path of tiles between the fruit trees. I want my brick wall around my herb garden and the right side of the kitchen garden. But that are wishes which aren't a necessity right now. I've put a few pictures of the project above my post.

So my next couple of weeks I can cook a little bit more (until the invasion of weeds starts), and I started with the soda bread, which was planned for the tuesdays with dorie group.

A soda bread is a no-yeast bread. So it's quite quick ready. I made one with cranberries and golden raisins. I also added a spoon of honey to the dough. The bread was airy, a bit moist and had a great crust.
We like it very much and because it's so easy, I'm going to make this one more often, that's for sure.
The rugelach I've missed I'm going to make in the near future, because it looked so great on the other blogs.

Hope to write to you soon! And here's a photo of my soda bread (can you see the sun is shining over here?, it's so nice outside).