Friday, February 24, 2012

Fridays with dorie: cheese topped onion soup

I don't like onion soup. Really, not at all. But I made this one (it was on schedule) and it tasted great. It was a bit sweet, enough salt and the bread cheese combination was really delicious.
It was also a real filler, I only could eat one cup.

I made my own bread: french bread, which was a real good accompany with the soup. I though it probably should have been the french bread, because of the onion soup which recipe originated in France.
Dorie explained it should have been served real hot, and I did, it came straight from the broiler.
That's a great choice because the bread has a bit of a bite that way.

I will blog the recipe, of the french bread but because I'm on a holiday and I scheduled this one for friday, I didn't have the time yet, but I will adapt this post in the near future.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tuesdays with dorie: truffle tartlets


Wow, not another word can come from my mouth. This was really, really good. Gratefully it was small, but well filling, but the different chocolates and the cookies were great. I made six of them, one supposed to be for my husband, but you can guess it, it was gone before he came home.
It came through my mind though, should I make a lot of these. Probably not in this form, but as a birthday cake and then as one cake, it would definitely fit in, especially in winter.
It's rich and really tasteful also when it's a little bit warm.

The only downside of this recipe? It contains a lot, I mean a real lot of calories. But a real treat for the young and old ones (I've tried them all), so if you want to make something special: try this one out.

There are two new recipes chosen for the next month: rugelach and Irish soda bread. Last one I made a few times but the first ones keeps me guessing. You will see it come by next month.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FFwD: Nutella tartine


Although, as I blogged before, I'm very busy I couldn't let this one pass by: nutella tartine. A brioche spreader with, in my case plum jam, melted nutella and sprinkled with hazelnuts. Can you think of something better? 
Unfortunately I can. It sounds promising.
I began with baking my own brioche as I did in the recipe a few weeks ago and the brioche was very nice. I put it under the grill and it tasted delicious. The prune jam taste great as you can see my last jar is almost empty. Hazelnuts and Nutella a great combination (I even stopped a few hours with my project to make this), but the combination was nice, but not great. 
The original recipe is with orange marmalade and my husband and I discussed if that was a better combination. Maybe, but we don't think that would be a winner. We thought the fruit was an addition that wasn't necessary for such a great thing as a brioche with nutella and hazelnuts.
Don't get me wrong after reading this that it tasted awful, everything was gone, but I'm not going to make this very often.

To bad, but I learned that we like plain nutella the most on a brioche. 
Last week the recipe was a gorgonzola apple quiche and because I had a lot to do and the combination sounded a bit weird (sorry Dorie), I did not make it. But the reactions from the other Doristas were so great that I am going to make it and probably next week because that recipe contains mussels and I can't find one mussel fan in my household.
So all of you a very good weekend and I'm going further on with my garden plan.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teusdays with Dorie: White loaves


The first week in our new book: Baking with Julia. The book is not new, indeed it's a couple of years old. But what I like of the book is the baking part. I love being a member of French Fridays with Dorie, it let me meet great recipes and new tastes, don't get me wrong, but I love, love, love to bake.
And the first thing we bake are white loaves. Simple, but really nice.
The only comment, but perhaps that's what we are used in the Netherlands, is that there is that there isn't enough salt in the recipe. But because it's a great bread, really tasteful and airy, I baked another one already and increased the salt to 1 2/3 teaspoon for 2 loaves. That's the amount we like here.
And the bread is a winner. I bake all my bread and this ones on the menu each week.
I hope many of this recipes will follow, because it really is a great recipe.

Are you curious already, buy the book Baking with Julia, from Dorie Greenspan. I did and I've seen the rest of the recipes that are coming. If you like baking and real good stuff, you should try this book.

If you want to know what the rest of the bakers made of it (I read about 300 bakers), then you can go to:
the other bakers will post here.
Because I'm in full business to seek everything out for my garden, I will not post until Friday, but I can't wait to make that one on French Fridays with Dorie.

And for the final result.