Friday, February 24, 2012

Fridays with dorie: cheese topped onion soup

I don't like onion soup. Really, not at all. But I made this one (it was on schedule) and it tasted great. It was a bit sweet, enough salt and the bread cheese combination was really delicious.
It was also a real filler, I only could eat one cup.

I made my own bread: french bread, which was a real good accompany with the soup. I though it probably should have been the french bread, because of the onion soup which recipe originated in France.
Dorie explained it should have been served real hot, and I did, it came straight from the broiler.
That's a great choice because the bread has a bit of a bite that way.

I will blog the recipe, of the french bread but because I'm on a holiday and I scheduled this one for friday, I didn't have the time yet, but I will adapt this post in the near future.


Rose said...

So happy to hear that you enjoyed this one. My husband is not an onion fan either but he really liked this soup too. I think that once the onions are caramelized they taste completely different.

Cher Rockwell said...

All that cooking time turns them into something else, doesn't it?
The bread looks good.
Hope you enjoy your time off!

yummychunklet said...

Your soup sounds delicious, and kudos for making your own bread!

Guyla said...

Wow! Home baked bread + homemade soup! Looks great.

Nana said...

Tricia and I both had good luck with this recipe. My hubby loved it, as did her family. Your soup looks great
and I love your soup bowl.

Anonymous said...

your soup looks great! we made our own bread for it too! :) i love when the whole meal is homemade - great job!

Alice @ http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com

Christy said...

Homemade French Bread sounds great. Glad you liked this. HAve a terrific holiday!