Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winterwonderland in Holland


Isn't it beautiful  that I can say, this is my workspot. Well, not at the moment, because with the snow I can't do much in it. But you can see that the cold glass is very well insulated, so I can harvest. And the chicken coop is really beautiful in the snow. It looks great.

In my kitchen I'm ready for my christmasworkshop at December 11th. The recipes are done, the photos are done (I like it to combine my recipes with nice pictures). I'm very glad with the menu. Elegant food for Christmas!

Probably you haven't noticed it (because it only was spread in a part of the Netherlands), but the Brabants Dagblad, a newspaper wrote an article on 4Pure. Very nice and I got a lot of positive response. The article (only in Dutch) can be found here:

Hereby the picture made by my husband that went with the article. Made only a few days earlier with a lot of sunshine in my meadow and not a blink of snow. Weather can change very fast.

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