Friday, August 5, 2011

Edible flower salad

 This article is the combination of gardening and cooking. A salad with edible flowers. All from my own garden offcourse. This time I've choosen for rose petals combined with cornflowers, because I liked the colors so much. But I also have a lot of other edible flowers in my garden. And also the lettuce is from the garden. It growed very good because of the bad (rainy) weather).
The recipe for the salad is quite simple, lettuce, edible flowers and a vinaigrette but it looks great. So if you want to serve something different by the next bbq or party this is a great recipe.

- Lettuce;
- Edible flowers;
- Balsamic vinegar;
- Olive oil, extra vierge;
- The leaves of one twig of thyme;
- 1 teaspoon sugar;
- salt and pepper, at taste.

Wash the lettuce and flowers and make sure there dry. Put the lettuce in the serving bowl. Combine the vinegar, oil, thyme and sugar and taste. At salt and pepper and pour the vinaigrette on the lettuce. Mix it thoroughly. Spread the flowers on top.

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