Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pasta salad with fresh tomatoes

My tomatoes are ripening, at least. I've already had a few, but not enough to cook a meal with them. But finally yesterday there were enough. The weather here in the Netherlands is warm, very warm. 26 degrees Celsius and we could swim in our swimmingpool. On October 2nd that is. It really is a strange weather year. So a salad was a good choice for lunch.

My second, who wants to be a cook and butcher (can't tell how he came to the butcher idea) helped me pick the vegetables. And he cooked a little with me.

He didn't taste the tomatoes though (to healthy in his opinion, when you can see them in your salad). My youngest ate the whole salad. My eldest didn't. He first awaited the opinion of the other two and then... it was gone. There was no pasta salad left. Too bad for him. He had to eat something else for lunch.

So the recipe contains fresh tomatoes and balsamico cream.The balsamico adds a little sweetness to the salad. I didn't use plain balsamico vinegar, I used selfmade balsamico cream. How I made that? Very simple. You take a cup balsamico vinegar and put that on the stove (high) for 15 minutes. There will become a vinegar smell around your stove, so don't forget to use your ventilator.Let it cool down and you're balsamico cream is finished.

I've got red roma tomatoes and little yellow cherry tomatoes. An old dutch vegetable strain, I wanted to grow for a long time. And doesn't the two look great in the salad.

- 250 gram pasta, fresh if possible;
- 100 gram tomatoes;
- a handful of basil sliced very thin and a few leaves for garnish;
- 3 sprigs of fresh thyme;
- 50 mL balsamico cream;
- 5 garlic cloves;
- 50 mL vegetable oil.

Boil the pasta while following the instructions and let it cool down. Wash the tomatoes.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).
Take a bakingdish and put the oil, thyme, cloves and tomatoes in it. Put the dish in the oven for 20 minutes. Let it cool down.
When both pasta and tomatoes are at room temperature, slice the tomatoes in edible pieces (if necessairy) and put them on a second plate. Crush the garlic with a fork. Take the thyme sprigs out of the dish. Add balsamico cream to the cooking liquid. Whisk the garlic through it and poor it over the pasta. Add the tomatoes and basil and mix very well.
Serve immediately

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