Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dutch buffet for my sons 7th birthday party

My second son got a party. He became 7. What a big guy already. And he reads all the time. I find it amazing. When the school starts in September they almost don't know the all the characters and in May they read books.

He had a bit bad luck because his birthday was in the middle of a holiday. A lot of people went on vacation and weren't on his party. To make it more festive I made a Dutch Buffet.
Maybe you ask yourself whats that? I made:
  • Sandwiches with cream and olives;
  • Sandwiches with smoked salmon and dill mayonnaise;
  • Sandwiches with cucumber;
  • Green asparagus boiled in wine rolled in ham;
  • Stuffed eggs filled with smoked salmon, green herbs or ham;
  • Mini pizzas with old cheese, cherry tomatoes and cress;
  • Potato salad;
  • Mackerel salad;
  • Crayfish salad;
  • Cream cheese/smoked ham puffs (really delicious).
Everyone like the buffet and it looked great. Congratulations Bart.


Cher Rockwell said...

That sounds and looks wonderful!
Happy Birthday to the young man. Seven is a big deal. My baby turns 18 next week :-(

Nita Digirolamo said...

Congratulations! The age of 7 is a great milestone for your son. The party looks great and the food is beautifully made. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’m a food enthusiast and your blog gave me a lot of ideas. :)

Nita Digirolamo

Carlene Boley said...

I love Dutch buffet! I frequent Dutch buffet restaurants for some baked chicken, but mostly because of their amazing salad bars. They also have a variety of other foods and some amazing pies at the side.