Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TwD: Pecan Sticky Buns


Teusdays with Dorie again and this time we made: Pecan Sticky Buns. A brioche dough with pecans, sugar and lots of butter.
It was horrible to make. Why, I don't own a kitchen aid or something like that. I only have a handmixer. And the mixing time is very, very long.
But the result is terrific. It's crunchy and though it contains a lot of butter (did I mention that earlier), it doesn't taste fat. I really loved it.
It supposed to come out as a whole tart out of the form, but that is the only thing that didn't went the right way. The buns did fell apart. Don't know what went wrong, but the good news is that I have a roll in the freezer for a next try (and this is something we eat once more this month).
A really lovely recipe with good taste.

If you're curious how it's made you can read the recipe on the blog of Nicole: http://cookiesonfriday.blogspot.com/

It's a lot of work, but certainly worth a try.

The end result:


Cher Rockwell said...

Oh, this would not have been fun to make by hand. You are a good sport.
They look tasty & you will appreciate the convenience of that log in the freezer when the time comes - especially since all the hard work has been done already.

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Major props to you for doing this with a hand mixer... I couldn't imagine a better result! :)

yummychunklet said...

That is awesome you took the time and patience with a hand mixer. I might've just skipped this one had that been the case.

smarkies said...

Looks absolutely tasty! You persevered with the hand mixer. Well done!

Kathy said...

Kudos to you for making this with a hand mixer! They came out beautiful!