Tuesday, January 29, 2013

high tea


Yesterday I had a workshop high tea. I thought it would be nice to tea in vintage style. It looks so classy.

First the ladies entered and made the recipes. That was followed by the official high tea. The high tea dishes entered the table one by one. Off course there were different sorts of sandwiches, brownies, quiche and scones. And a few other sweets were made.

The ingredients that weren't made by the ladies were acquired from local suppliers. The bread and chocolates came from a local bakery. The tea came from a tea house a few kilometers from here. And the rest I got by my usual supplier the Landwinkel, which gets it's produce from farmers and small companies in the neighborhood.

The ladies were very enthusiastic and spread a lot of sunshine in the kitchen.

It was a great workshop.

Hereby a photo of the table styling (with help from my sister in law Danny):

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yummychunklet said...

Great table styling and tea goodies!